Established over twelve years ago, when the web was still in its formative stages, e-medicine has pioneered the use of software to be used by doctors and patients alike.

To make best use of scarce medical manpower it is essential that the latest technology be applied to saving doctors time by making all the relevant information about a patient easily accessible, in an electronic format, from which diagnostic and treatment decisions can economically be reached.

These principles have been applied to making patient data available to specialists working both in a clinic setting and via the Internet - the rapidly expanding field of 'Telemedicine' in which the company has been a pioneer.

Initially working in the field of testosterone treatment, as Androscreen (, it developed programs for screening patients on-line and nationwide for testosterone deficient states. When linked with medical practice management systems and data-mining programs, it revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of androgen deficiency disorders both in the UK and abroad. It also enabled a chain of centres specializing in men's health to be set up round the UK linked to the flagship centre in Harley Street by a terminal server.

It is now expanding into other areas of Telemedicine and the development of a system for gathering and analyzing data on the effects of novel pharmaceutical preparations.

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